(Up to 3 Shooters/Passengers)


The Whiskey Tango package is a 2 hour immersive mission. You and your team will learn to accurately engage reactive steel ground targets from the exclusive Live-Fire Gunship aerial platform. The first hour of the tour begins in the orientation room with the mission briefing, in which you and your team will learn aircraft safety, gear selection & placement, target transitions and the courses of fire. Following the orientation, our Aerial Safety Officer reviews course of fire in the exclusive Gunship Hangar. The safety orientation consists of simulated fire exercises on a static helicopter. Shooters will get familiar & comfortable with aerial platform position and transitions to the shooting platform. Gunners will experience malfunctions, mag/drum changes, “cease fires”, “shift fires” and transitions.

Next is the Aerial Target Engagement (ATE) phase. This is a 1 hour flight culminating event takes each gunner into our Gunship aerial platform and runs them through the live-fire on our Aerial Operation Zone. Upon completion of this mission you and your team will leave knowing you are one of the few and elite Gunship Gunners. Courses of Fire consists of the following:


Engaging targets from a static position


Engaging targets on the move at various speeds


Engaging targets from alternate shooting positions

• Advance reservations are required
• Orientation, simulation and flight safety brief
• 1 Hour flight in custom A-Star Helicopter
• Aerial shooting on 70 acres of mountainous desert terrain
• Live-Fire 270 rounds on a mounted M249 SAW Belt-Fed Semi-Automatic Rifle with Aimpoint Scope (rounds may be shared among shooters)
• Shoot at 3 different target stations with simulating aerial tactical maneuvers
• Shoot at reactive steel targets
• Dedicated Aerial Safety Officer on flight with you at all times
• Pre-loaded ammunition
• Flight suit provided
• Protective goggles for eye protection
• Noise cancelling wireless headset for ear protection (ability to communicate with Range Safety Officer, Pilot & Passengers)
• A minor must be 10 years and older to fly on the aircraft
• A minor 15 years and older may shoot from the aircraft
• Minors under 18 years old must be supervised with a parent or legal guardian (must have same last name)
• Maximum weight per passenger is 300 lbs. If your weight exceed 300 lbs. you are considered as 2 passengers.
• International & first-time shooters are welcome, just bring photo I.D. or passport. Some restrictions apply.
• Approximate experience is 2 hours (from selected reservation time)
• Enter promo code GUNNER and get $100 off when you book online! When you click on “Book Now” you may enter promo code GUNNER (found on bottom left corner of box, below date & price) in order for discount to apply. Special online price is $2,499.95.
Price: $2,599.95 + tax (Up to 3 passengers max, combination of shooters & observers)


• 90 Rounds of Ammunition on M249 S.A.W. – $99.95 + tax
• Souvenir Framed 5×7 Photo – $19.95 + tax
• Video Thumb Drive of Flight & Shooting Experience – $59.95 + tax

Note: Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice. Firearms, ammunition and aircraft are subject to change based on availability & maintenance.
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